• Salvage Craft Stuff! (Scrapbook paper, wiring bits, and more!)
  • New (Boon!) By-The-Yard Upholstery Fabric
  • Game Networking Night ReCap
  • Terracotta Clay Fun

This week we put in some more work on the space, adding items to the list of available packaged crafting products, as well as figuring in more salvage for the community use crafting area. By my best guess, a business needs a supporting factor. That’s our never been used inventory. We dabble in a little bit of everything, so we try to make tools for expanding a priority. Sustainability is also important, so we have tried to make available things that have potential for reuse in some form or fashion.

We received several excellent rolls of upholstery fabric this week, with more to come. Most in simple patterns that are excellent for background coverings to let your accents shine! A lovely new table is in the works to hold these great 60″+ length rolls for (very inexpensive!) by-the-yard cutting access. Or buy one of our rolls for a flat fee (since we won’t have to handle the cutting of it, this is an extraordinary deal!).

Our first Game Networking Night wasn’t a super busy affair, but we enjoyed ourselves immensely! If you caught the video clip over on instagram or facebook you’ll already know we made an exceptional new friend! And she’s into d20 tabletop RPGs! Speaking one of our languages now!

We also had a lot of interest online in changing it to another night, so we’re going to move our next one to Saturday, April 27th during open hours 5:30pm-8pm!
A dear and proven Game Master will be hosting a sign up booth that night, for an all new Pathfinder Game [adventure path tbd but definitely limited to 4players]. Patrons are more than welcome to hang around after as we embark on the next chapter in our current Pathfinder/Homebrew/Society adventure since that’s also the regularly scheduled night for an ongoing game ran by yours truly…

We finally got into the Terracotta clay! What fun to get muddy with my kids! At this point the only one of us that hasn’t been tempted to play in red mud is Chris. He’s been working on a wooden staff, a pathfinder scenario, and a wooden pirate ship alternately. I can’t wait to see where he goes with those!

It’s been a fun filled week with some satisfactory accomplishments on my team’s part. So much more to do, but with your help, I know we’re going to be just fine!
Thanks, Friends!

We are simply put, just beginning.
Come grow your creative skills, bolster encouragement, and foster an art community with us!

All our best wishes,