This passed Saturday [April 20, 2019] was Ittutra’s kickoff Paint, Tea, & We! hosted by my very own dear Mother because she got to reserve my first slot. Sorry, Ladies & Gents. She called dibs, and who says no to their mom?

This is her. The turtles on the wall are mine.

She invited a few friends and we got started as soon as the first person arrived! I encourage everyone who enters our doors to work at their own pace. 😉

First ones out of the gate!

Ms. Cathy coined our new catch phrase to the tune of something like,
“The fun doesn’t start til your brush gets wet!”

And I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves!

And we begin!

Partially finished and nabbed for the group photo… 😉

Chris’s finished work. Beautiful piece!

Teresa’s finished work. She played with hot glue texturing this time!

Finishing up with snacks (macaroons and coffee)

First time painter, Ms. Cathy and her beautiful Hammerhead shark!

We can’t wait for our next “Paint, Tea & We!”