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Our party…. Valen, the level headed one. (Human, ranger)
Yuge, the newcomer. (human, Rogue)
Lukee, the hot head. (half-elf, druid)
Kay, the argumentative one. (gnome, sorcerer)
Darelii, the puzzle breaker. (elf, fighter[meatshield])
Jona Clay, Pathfinder & NPC.

Last Session (4/13/19) our party found themselves in a new inn. Recap reminded us that they had decided upon a new place to rest their heads at the insistance of the found target, Jona Clay. After their rather rambunctious introduction and the uncovering of their target’s true identity, our players perceived him to be who he said he was and agreed to further investigate new sleeping arrangements.

A good night’s rest saw the party meet in the tavern for breakfast and a pint. Upon getting settled and placing their order, the bar maiden returned to their table to ask them to leave. Unknown to the group another set of adventurers was about to enter the bar. Before the tavern owner and crew could convince our heroes to leave, the second group made it inside and to a table.

Our illustrious “new guy” decided to go make friends whilst his hand roamed some pockets. This may not have been the best idea… He was caught! Red handed as it were!

While trying to get himself out of trouble, our young rogue friend found himself tangled up in tentacles! Not to fear, our druid friend came to the rescue of the poor maimed octopus after someone cut off one of it’s tentacles in the melee that ensued.

One thing led to another, and our party escaped with their lives, but only one surviving member of the other party. Upon his body, while tying him up, they found a Pathfinder Society medallion. What could this mean for our heroes? Maybe they aren’t heroes after all…

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