Doing some Gardening over at My Unofficial Day Job. But we’ll be back in the Ittutra Studio this weekend for Game Night! Watch for Updates!

My Unofficial Day Job

Not squashing my Squash

This week, so far, I’ve written 3 separate blog posts, and none of them seem right to follow Coffee in her garden… I guess I was nervous. I tend to move on from things and forget to come back. Maybe that’s what it is. I have no idea and I live inside this head.

I guess that brings us to update. I have had a comment or two of contact with Ms. C through our social media connections, but otherwise I have avoided it. I just didn’t want to have to tell her I’d murdered those beautiful squash plants. They’ve actually been perking back up steadily since their second day of transplant, but I knew if I spoke to her, I’d basically call my plants out to die. I wasn’t having a lot of faith in them, or rather I didn’t have a lot of faith…

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